Fringe Wives Club is a choice selection of the most talented musical comedians on the festival circuit. Their first show, Glittery Clittery, made consent sexier than ever. Glittergrass is the Flap Pack's latest late-night femme fest. It may not have the wax and polish of Clittery yet, but it's well on the way.

It's a bluegrass hootenanny hoedown. It's a feminist show... in the least sincere way possible. So check your privilege at the door and prepare for the patriarchy to get the ridin' and hidin' it deserves.

Glittergrass is all-whooping and all-hollering from the get-go, kicking off with a string of country and pop anthems mashed up in sweet five-part harmonies. We're treated to an education on one mean lady bushranger whose vagina has, to-date, kept her from the annals of history (meanwhile, Ned Kelly's on his dozenth biopic). Laguna the Vulva makes a guest appearance, before some navel gazing on how to be a country music diva AND a feminist. And the Wives wrap things up with old favourite the 'Pocket Song', lamenting the (clearly sexist) absence of pockets in women's clothing.

But these ladies ain't just decorative flaps. The faces are familiar, with Wives all having stomped the boards in other smash hit shows. The gal gang has grown by two for this new show, with Victoria Falconer, Tessa Waters and Rowena Hutson welcoming new Wives, Laura Frew (Double Denim) and Sharnema Nougar (Two Little Dickheads).

They're pretty bonkers, in the best way possible. Decked out in matching white cowgirl boots, big hair and Dolly-inspired glitter jackets, they own the stage. With this much talent in one room, you really can’t go wrong.

On its second night ever, Glittergrass was a loose ride but a fun one. It kept our post-midnight crowd cackling. No doubt this runaway train will keep gathering steam, so grab yer guns and jump on board.