Anyone who has, identifies with, is curious about, or just wants to get amongst a vulva, this is the late night party for you! All sequins, all singing, and all inclusive, The Fringe Wives Club - comprised of Victoria Falconer-Pritchard, Tessa Waters, and Rowena Hutson – will take you on an educational and sexy journey to discover the clitoris and equality.

The show begins with an audience dance-off (with sensational prizes included), setting the scene for a fun hour of participation. And the 11pm time slot allowed for people to be a little looser, which only adds to this show! The performers really shine when it comes to audience interaction, and this audience was all over it, whooping, cheering and happily participating. If anything, these ladies needed a bigger tent for the crowds they drew!

While accessible to all consenting adults (despite its female focused theme), The Fringe Wives Club makes some very poignant observations about life as a woman, from the benign lack of usable pockets in clothes, to more serious dealings, with sexual abuse in early teenagehood. The song ‘He Only Does It Cos He Likes You’ is ironic and upbeat, but the realities of this aggressive mentality and how it affects females from the school yard to adult life really hit home.

A highlight was their game show Laguna Mystery, in which Hutson dons a rather delightful plushie female genitalia costume. Waters hosts the events and Falconer-Pritchard provides backup music and improv vocals with her usual high quality prowess. If you’ve ever wanted some clarity on the structure of lady bits, this is the best educational seminar you’ll ever attend on the subject.

This show (as with gender equality in general) isn’t about supporting the taking of privileges from one group and handing them to another – no one’s looking to suppress anyone. It’s about everyone being good to each other. It’s about changing the status quo and supporting each other, no matter how we sexually identify. It’s about knowing your physical anatomy and demystifying topics that make us uncomfortable as a society. As the ladies said, “It’s ok to have a dick, but it’s not ok to be a dick." We are all in this together and this show is a hilarious homage to love, camaraderie, and developing a positively glittery outlook on life.