Like a C-grade film, this musical comedy is so bad it’s good. I was in fits of hysterics from the utter ridiculousness of the whole thing.

In a suburban backyard, bored-with-life teenager Florence and her well-meaning parents are arguing about whether the sexually deviant garden gnomes living amongst the weeds should stay or go. Turns out that the ejected gnomes had been the only thing standing in the way of alien invasion. A UFO full of mean aliens reaches Earth through the newly opened space portal where powerful ley lines have converged. An epic Gnomes vs Aliens battle ensues, and (spoiler alert) the gnomes save the day.

Everything about this show is delightfully amateur. The home-made costumes are inconsistent, the script is funny but lame, the singing is (with some exceptions) bad karaoke standard, the lighting is poorly planned, and the acrylic-on-cardboard set is lower quality than a primary school production. And it is GLORIOUS.

The cast looked like they were having just as much fun as the audience. I can just imagine the sessions of company Such Clique as they wrote the script and worked out the production – a bunch of mates just downing beers and seeing who can come up with the silliest song lines.

I would usually say that a show of this quality would benefit from some polishing up. But in this case, polish would just wipe away all of the charm. It’s perfectly, wonderfully sub-par just as it is.

If you’re expecting quality theatre, go elsewhere. If you want to return to your childhood when you invented crazy stories and earnestly performed them to your over-indulgent parents, grab a beer and go see Gnomes vs Aliens.