Declan Zapala is definitely a talented guitar player, and creates sounds with his guitar in an interesting and inventive way. But opening night nerves got the best of him and this affected his performance.

Guitar Multiverse showcased Zapala's skill with alternative takes on classics such as Isaac Albeniz's "Asturias" and Bach's "Prelude in C". These were unfortunately tackled with a nervousness that did not do them justice, but the show became much more captivating when Zapala introduced his original material – which he played more confidently. I was particularly impressed by the percussive components of his originals, however the melodic side of his material was nothing exceptional.

In between songs Zapala tuned his guitar and chatted to the audience, winning them over with his British accent and quirky comments. He is charmingly awkward.

The sound production of Nexus Venue was transparent and spacious. Even Zapala was impressed by the quality and said it was the best his guitar had ever sounded.

With a run of six more shows until closing night, I think Zapala's performance will definitely improve as he becomes more comfortable. Guitar Multiverse has a lot of potential, but instrumental guitar shows are certainly not for everyone. I would only recommend Guitar Multiverse to people with a love for the instrument who will understand and appreciate his skill.


Guitar Multiverse will be runnning until March 5.