Hand in Hand is a fun, playful Fringe show that captures you from the first moment, bringing a splash of colour to your life. The energy of the performers and the trust between them is paramount to what makes this show a success.

While the beginning takes a little while to warm up to, with a few nervous fumbles, the confidence builds up to an impressive finale. That being said, the show I saw was the opening night, and I feel confident these kinks will be ironed out as the show continues in its Fringe run.

The young circus group have such a wonderful air of mischief. This playfulness makes this show accessible for all ages. It is a delight to see them smiling at each other, and the audience feels how genuine it is that they enjoy one another’s company.

A striking image is the paint spattered across the circus performers’ bodies as they tag one another in a symbolic act of creating bonds with one another. Themes of loyalty and friendship are key to the performance, however, the narrative could have been stronger.

This is a show which is well-suited to the Fringe environment, as it is a local group who may not otherwise have the opportunity to show-off their talents to the public. This quintessential piece of physical theatre leaves you gawping at routines you know you’d never be able to accomplish yourself.