Hand in Hand is the creation of Vertical Insanity Circus, a very young South Australian circus company, but one whose similarly youthful players (Alex and Zoe Charman, Tasma Jeffries, Maggie Rusak, and Sam and Tommy Matthewman) are in fact veteran performers with a slew of amazing performances under their belts.

The performance revolves around a group of friends, armed with a barrage of paints in primary colours, hanging out, painting each other and doing improbable stunts. The routines were a capable blend of trapeze, acrobatics, juggling and hula hoop. There were a couple of whiffs, but they were cannily blended into the enthusiastic spirit of the performance. The staging is reasonably good, with a clever and amusing blindfold scene, and there's a clear impression that the cast aren't just pretending to be very good friends for the sake of narrative. The human bridge routine alone is proof of that.

Hand in Hand is a solid circus act from a younger circus production company. The colours are fun, the spirit of friendship is immediately endearing and they gave the audience a smorgasbord of great circus acts. But there is some room for polish: they could work on linking the whimsical but unfocused vignettes into the routines. But this is circus with a fun gimmick and a solid cast, and one can't overestimate the appeal of a heaps good local show.