“You – What's your name? The one with the erection!”


Yes, you read it right. That was a direct quote from an ad-libbed conversation Hans, the man of many hats and high kicks, had with an unsuspecting though not entirely innocent member of the audience. (He gave Hans a cheeky spank not five minutes prior.)

Now, I must warn all you would-be-Hans-goers, Mein Camp is not for the faint hearted or the easily offended. Hans (aka Matt Gilbertson) is a force to be reckoned with, as his trademark style prays on the weakest, I mean straightest, male members of the audience.

Age is no limit either, as poor Neville of front-row fame found out this evening when he was told straight up, “Grandpa, the only sound you'll hear is my accordion in your ear.” Which of course makes sense, because he's the only one that was present in the 1930s, where our WW2 themed show kicks off.

I must admit the Nazi reference had me worried at first, but Hans was quick to clear the matter up by focusing on the current political climate and on the bigger, most important picture – himself. And, like any self-respecting politician, he commenced his run with a smear campaign taking down the likes of Pauline Hanson with a fantastic satirical rendition of "Jolene". (Except, obviously this time singing 'Pauline').

From his Trumpified ABBA hits to "Hitler Baby One More Time", he had the audience wrapped around his little finger. Truly, Hans embodies the true spirit of Fringe. He is a tasty treat to delight and dazzle all of the senses. He is saucy. He is spicy. And he comes with a side of sass so hot it puts jalapeños to shame.

On a final note, Hans deserves a gold medal not only for audience engagement, but also for his fabulous outfits that I fear may cause a world-wide sequin shortage. But his glittery tush aside, I'd go as far as saying that he has outdone his 2016 Fringe hit show Viva Hans Vegas. Was it the lime green feathered fedora and impassioned piano accordion performance, or his high kicks perfectly synchronised with his backing dancers, The Lucky Bitches? I can't be sure. Only one thing is for certain, this show is a must see this 2017 Fringe season.

Now, in the words of Hans himself, “Are you ready darlings?”