Lauren Hayward and Francis Hadid are the duo behind This is an Excuse, sketch comedy for "thinking women and the men who love them". Their show, which runs at Producers until this Sunday, promises hilarious takes on such topics as politics, love and hats.

Not wanting to shirk an opportunity to indulge my narcissism, I had a quick chat with them to talk about myself, the website, and some other stuff.

I feel like the best way to get to know someone is by looking at their browser history. What have you got on yours you wouldn’t want anyone to know about?

Lauren Hayward: I've really been getting into Making A Murderer, The Jinx and Serial lately so you’ll find lots of serial killer Wikipedia pages on mine. It's not weird or anything, I just want to learn from their mistakes.

Francis Hadid: A YouTube video titled “Tinkerbell doesn’t play”. This one has moved up from my browser history and into my bookmarks.

We’re a new website with not much of a readership, and yet you’re still agreeing to talk to us. Do you often find yourselves having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for publicity?

Hayward: Oh! I didn't know it was okay to talk about barrels in Adelaide yet?

Hadid: It’s cute you still think this is considered publicity.

Speaking of our website, how would you rate it? Like, if you had to give it five stars, how would you justify such a high and deserved score?

Hayward: I'm a firm believer in reciprocal altruism. It's a proven catalyst for human cultural development and the reason why men send dick pics. I'll give you my five stars if you give me yours.

Hadid: Four stars. I admire anyone who tries to make that shade of old grandma couch dusty rose work.

You’re visiting here from Melbourne. What’s the comedy scene like back there? How does your experience in Adelaide compare?

Hayward: The Melbourne comedy scene is one of the most exciting places in the country for people who were never cool at high school to make mean jokes in an effort to justify their inadequacies. Adelaide also has circus acts.

Hadid: Well I’d say they’re both pretty similar. Packed with emotionally disturbed white men.

We met briefly at a “speed-dating” style meet-and-greet between artists and the media. Considering your show is about modern love, how would you say I did as a speed dater? What do you think my best attributes were?

Hayward: You were a great speed dater, because I could tell I could physically overpower you and get away if needed. A very attractive quality in a man.

Hadid: You emailed us after. That’s enough for me to be interested.

What’s your next step after Fringe?

Hayward: “Melbourne” “International” “Comedy” “Festival”.

Hadid: Therapy.