There are times where you are watching something that you think makes no sense, then it is just beautiful, then it makes sense again, only to later make no real sense again, but you know you've seen something exquisite.

Tim Whitt and Trav Nash has created a listening party. A DJ'd musical mix of a trip hop backdrop to the musical greats. If you have ever watched a well curated night of Rage littered with the great moments of 90s artistic video clips like "Paranoid Android", then Heartache & Drum Breaks will definitely appeal to you.

Seated in the Deluxe tent, your attention is drawn to the a projection screen, as you are ushered through musical history against this backdrop of intricately-designed imagery that is perfectly intertwined with the music. You will see every clip cut up and stitched back together, like Janis Joplin set against the elephants of Fantasia. This constantly moving progression keeps in time with the music as the screen completely complements the music, and vice-versa. Let's face it, this thing was well produced, and after three years of production, it should be.

While I was entranced by the screen and this was a wonderful way to wind down on a Monday evening, I just wished I was in a bean bag watching the screen projected on a ceiling. Please, if you ever manage to make this happen, let me know.

There is only one show left (Monday 7 March) so if you want to get in, take a cushion, enjoy the ride and let your mind explore this ethereal dreamscape.