Hot Brown Honey is an unapologetically political and uncompromisingly entertaining party of a show.

The performance is presided over by Busty Beats, who was sent by the Mother to guide us. She kicks the show off solo, and her infectious energy managed to get the audience pumped in almost no time.

Busty is not the only Honey in the show, though, and her fellow performers display skills ranging from ballet to burlesque to beatboxing — sometimes simultaneously. One of the most impressive numbers was a sort of reverse burlesque set to Azelia Banks's "212", where the dancer started out almost naked and throughout the song gradually dressed herself while rocking out.

The outstanding artistic feats are only one component of what makes Hot Brown Honey such an appealing show though. It is also a celebration of gender, sexualities, and racial identities.

This comes through in multiple ways throughout the show, but one of the most important is summarised by Busty's declaration late in the show that "we will not apologise for who we are". This is because, in Hot Brown Honey, difference is celebrated and venerated.

It also comes through in different quotes Busty reads from scholars of identity like Audre Lorde. The show manages to offer some political education while never ceasing to hold the audience's rapt attentions. This careful balance is especially apparent in numbers like Don't Touch My Hair, a full song dedicated to making the simultaneously simple and necessary point that touching a stranger's hair is a ridiculous thing to do.

Hot Brown Honey showcases the work of brilliant creative talents and superb performers in service of fighting the power and improving the world by educating and entertaining it.