"If ye cain oonderstand tis saintence, lyak pirates and ye dinny evn hed ay dreenk yit this is the shew for ye."

The Best of the Edinburgh Fringe Fest brought Stuart Mitchell, Prince Abdi and Danny O'Brien to the Adelaide stage. Mitchell warmed up the stage with his hilarious and terrifying medical history, while Prince Abdi 'the pirate' came onto stage with travelling stories, penguin gangsters and imitations of the weird and wonderful.

Finally, O'Brien, rather loudly, outlined his healthy appreciation of Australian abbreviations, capsicum foam, and his own inability in the bedroom. They were the perfect balance of brains, banter and brilliance. I only had one problem with the ending – namely that there was one – as I was left silently rocking with laughter in a well lit tent.

The trio well and truly live up to their claim to be "The Best of the Fest".