Immoral Kombat is a contest of improvised burlesque with eight contestants. The first round is themed, naturally, around characters from the Mortal Kombat games, but in the later parts of the show the costumes get a bit silly.

This helped to compensate somewhat for the fact that due to their improvised nature, the routines were not as elaborate as in a rehearsed performance. But despite the shakeup offered by the fun costumes, this did mean that at times the routines got a bit repetitive.

The audience's applause for the performers in each round were the metric by which the judges decided the winner, and though I mostly picked the losers I still enjoyed being able to vote with our claps.

The overall winner, Saskia De Muir, turned this to her strength by quickly and effortlessly charming the crowd. She managed to show a good range in terms of style and technique across her four different performances (including a boss fight which I was not expecting but greatly enjoyed).

The other performance that deserves special mention was a pole routine by Prim Brûlée which came between the semifinals and the finals. It would be unfair to compare it to the other performances in Immoral Kombat itself, because she was able to rehearse it, but her pole work and her burlesque were both excellent.