Jaded Vanities is the hottest show you’ll see this Fringe. As in, you’ll want to find somewhere private immediately afterwards to, uh, let off some steam.

In other words, it’s “enough to turn this gay man straight” (according to my date).

Creator Russall S. Beattie, who also plays the multi-faced MC, has finally brought Jaded Vanities to Adelaide from Sydney’s the Vanguard, following on from parody shows including The Empire Strips Back and The Dame of Thrones.

This is tripped out, contemporary burlesque that completely changes the game. I guarantee you’ve never seen a burlesque show like it. Not a feather, a fan or a corset in sight.

With a soundtrack from the likes of Grinderman, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Nine Inch Nails, the intensity of this dark and sultry show is unrelenting.

Some of the acts were designed to shock, others delved into fetishism, and some were just good old fashioned sexy.

My personal favourites were the masked ballerina, the mud lady, the water scene, and a double act involving a hose that was so raunchy that the male artist had a semi. And hey, so did I.

The Vanities are all incredibly hot and talented. Each act was tightly choreographed and expertly executed, with the artists utterly embracing each character so the audience could succumb to the fantasy.

Now, pushing the limits doesn’t appeal to everyone – and there were some unimpressed-looking people in the audience. So if you don’t enjoy the weirder side of the arts, this isn’t for you. But if you do, go. You won’t regret it – or forget it.

Jaded Vanities is high-class, erotic and surreal burlesque that’ll take your libido to fever pitch. See it with someone you’re going to take home.