So, Adelaide, I get it, you already know. I really don't even need to write this – and if you didn't realise, well, there are only a few tickets left for the last performance on Sunday night so you know what you need to do. If you don't you will miss one of the absolute stand out just freakin' wonderful shows that this Fringe has to offer.

These guys are kind of like Chet Faker and Flume but spliced in with a bit of comedy and anecdote. They have put together an excellent set of original songs that have kind of a Michael-Franti-meets-John-Butler sound that would not be out of place at any music festival, as they are just universally good.

Thum is ridiculously likeable. His casual charisma is infectious and I challenge anyone to be around this guy without breaking out in a stupid beaming smile. To add to this he is CRAZY SUPER DUPER TALENTED. Like my jaw was on the floor and I just kept thinking, How? How? How is that possible? His performance goes beyond talent – he has true showmanship, and has the audience captivated with every sound emanating from his self-proclaimed "throat-based talent". Despite the fact there were technical difficulties on opening night, Thum worked with the technician with flair and you could be excused at thinking the resulting banter was just part of the show.

MacDowell is not in the least overshadowed. The two compliment each other brilliantly as MacDowell is equally endearing and also has a great set of pipes. His songs are lyrically rich and interesting, catchy and fun, and, while neither need each other, like combining peanut butter with chocolate, we are all live in a better world for this collaboration.

There is also a special guest star. I won't ruin the surprise, but she definitely fits in completely with the trend of the talented, wonderful people that make up this show.

So quick, run, go get the last tickets, even if you are meant to be at WOMAD, spend the money, eat two minute noodles for the next week, run out of Botanic Park and over to the Royal Croquet Club because it is just worth it.