Dwayne Justice and Jake Trainwreck are queer cowboys with a passion for historical reenactments and some massive repressed crushes.

Their sketch humor is an oddball mix of cringe and cute, and you will want to grimace and laugh loudly as they enthusiastically trample the sanctity of history in order to flirt with each other. Interspersing dramatizations of celebrity deaths and major historical tragedy with lustful gazes and playful pecks, Dwayne and Jake leave nothing sacred.

The cowboys’ over-commitment to romantic tension is like a loved-up gay version of the Simpsons’ rake gag – the more it’s repeated, the funnier it gets. The audience quickly learns to love the characters almost as much as they love each other, and their clown antics and wide-eyed enthusiasm are winning. Classic western music is used to great effect throughout the show and complements the physical comedy – this might just be the best equestrian acrobatics you will ever witness.

The Tuesday night I attended was a definite hit with the audience, which was largely made up of other Fringe artists. There is some room for development throughout the run; when the theme is as specific as gay cowboys doing historical reenactments, there needs to be a lot of commitment to the concept, and the show might benefit from a little more cohesiveness. That said, I get the feeling this will be well and truly under wraps after another performance or two.

All round, Justice & Trainwreck’s unbounded enthusiasm was definitely reflected in the audience’s responses and they had us laughing out loud consistently. Hold on to your Stetsons and giddy up – this pair will have you in stitches.