Kai Humphries is funny, engaging and genuine. He’s a conversationalist, and How To Be Happy is almost an extended conversation with the audience. Humphries is charming, and it’s impossible not to laugh along with him.

A standup inspired by relationships, religion, and life itself, Humphries keeps it lighthearted and, with his piece on what he believes happens after death, somehow hopeful and thought provoking.

While he goes off on some little tangents that don’t seem to lead anywhere, they’re always enjoyable. The show flows perfectly, tied all together in a neat conclusion, with the help of an audience member. Don’t be put off by the mention of this audience participation though, it is very minimal and not at all cringy!

The highlight of the show is quite possibly the retelling of how Humphries once saved a man’s life. Perhaps because of, and not despite, the serious nature of this story, the audience can’t help but laugh at the ridiculous situation.

Humphries has a tendency to over explain things, potentially coming from a change in audience demographic - the Australian audience is different than his usual British one. On the other side, Humphries makes a lot of jokes about his hometown, Blyth. He attempts to explain the makeup and background of the place, but the jokes relating to this are still a little hit and miss.

Kai Humphries: How To Be Happy leaves the audience happy and satisfied. It’s a perfect Wednesday pick-me-up.