Storyteller, musician and media personality Keith Conlon is almost as much a part of Adelaide’s story as his hero Colonel Light, so who better to offer us a short history lesson?

Keith takes you on a trip through 180 years of colonial carryings-on in Adelaide, and while his account of Adelaide’s progression from colonial settlement to the current time is probably not quite the accepted version, it certainly is entertaining.

Keith bounced on to the stage, accompanied by Kerin Bailey on keyboards (who proved to be an inspired addition to the show) and cheerily informed the audience that he expected them to sing along. As you would expect, they were all a bit shy, so that was not quite the success he wanted, however, he soon had them avidly hanging on every word.

Held at the Adelaide Oval, Keith covered the arrival of the first fleet in SA right through to the present day with songs, sing-alongs and lots of laughs. There were also plenty of references to the Adelaide Oval, which provided a superb backdrop to a summer evening show, which was part history lesson, part music hall, and a little bit of comedy – just right for the audience of obvious Conlon fans – and it went down a treat.

But did he make it on time? Strictly speaking, no, but who’d begrudge SA’s favourite son a minute? Especially when he and Kerin finished the show with their version of the Rolling Stones’ "Jumpin’ Jack Flash"!