Following on from her previous Fringe Show Storm In a D Cup, Amelia Ryan is embarking on a journey. She is shedding her calamitous past and becoming Lady Liberty, or so she surmises in the intro to her show. Initially clad in a frayed bed sheet, she entered the venue on a sack truck, holding a bottle of champagne in one hand. From this point until her final number she kept the audience entertained in a performance filled with lewd jokes, quick costume changes and plenty of heart.

Ryan introduces her concept of Lady Liberty with a power point presentation featuring other liberated ladies, including Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou and Lady Gaga. Ryan is a natural performer and commands attention in her one-woman show (with three piece backing band.) The performance is filled with musical numbers, in which she sings a mashup of popular songs, adapting the lyrics to fit comedic snippets from her life.

Her honesty is refreshing and most of her material is easy to identify with, covering topics like social media envy, the spontaneous urge to juice cleanse, and the regret that comes with drinking to oblivion. Ryan defies socially acceptable boundaries with her comedy, and is not afraid to discuss things like labiaplasty or awkward sexual encounters – the cruder her comedy the louder the laughs.

Ryan clearly believes in the message she is trying to impart to the audience, which is one of self-acceptance, living life to the fullest, and "grabbing it by the lady balls." This show will have a special appeal for lovers of cabaret and musical comedy, even though I personally found the number of musical renditions a bit trying. Ryan is engaging and vivacious, though, and the performance is a fun romp which outlines her quest for liberty: a concept which, she insists, you need to define for yourself.