Sing it with me! "A spoon full of liquor helps the gentleman go down..."

Louise Beuvink and her counterpart Drunk Louise present a hilarious and informative show about how to be a modern lady. You can look forward to a short cooking class, a make-up tutorial, and even a lesson in making champagne from a sack of goon in a SodaStream. Stay classy ladies, and remember, in addition to being being thin, clean-shaven and softly spoken, you should also always smile, because as her mother once warned, "No one wants to fuck a frown."

Beuvink delights her audience with apt observations about problematic trends in pop culture and female health, coupled with witty remarks and personal anecdotes about the perilous world of techno-dating. A few gems include the new beauty trends targeted at women, and her wondering if all other women are secretly steaming on the regular before finally exclaiming, "I have missed the vagina steamboat!"

She also shares anecdotes from her life and dating history that are both juicy and endearing. She recalls meeting her partner at a house party, taking in his scent comprising of "an intoxicating mix of beer, sausages and Lynx Africa." But just you wait for the "seizing the day" story. I can promise, you won't ever forget it.

Beuvink's unique brand of storytelling is refreshing and engaging, as she completely commits to every story and caricature. She doesn't shy away from difficult topics, instead marching towards them like a floral-clad mercenary.

Preaching to an audience comprised almost completely of women, her terrific observations delight her viewers but sadly do not reach enough of their male counterparts. I would love to encourage more men to see this show and benefit from it, so come along boys and taste the pate. (No, that's not a euphemism, though there will be plenty of those too.) And gents, if you find yourself prickling at the feminist sentiment, in the words of Beuvink herself, "Relax, it's just sewing-room talk."


Ladylike plays at Gluttony until the 3rd March. Tickets can be purchased here.