If you kept up with New Zealand's relatively recent flag referendum, you may be aware of the viral trajectory of the most important flag of them all: the Laser Kiwi. An outstanding example of the potential of MS Paint and unique artistic vision to bring a nation together in this most tumultuous political world of ours, the Laser Kiwi serves as the inspiration for this trio's premise that all ideas, good and bad, deserve the chance to fly or die. After handing out a printed list of many such ideas, Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie and Degge Jarvie begin their test.
The three award-winning performers from New Zealand company Colossal combine physical comedy, pun-based quips and surprisingly enchanting circus together for a chaotic hour that definitely proves that some ideas are better than others! Imogen Stone is the star of the evening, and her aerials and acrobatics are sure to astound. Zane and Degge Jarvie act as clownish counterparts to her impressive feats, with excellent comedic timing and dashes of welcome silliness. But that's not to say that Stone herself isn't hilarious: her final act is surely the funniest of them all.
Unfortunately, that brings me to the major weakness of the show. The Empyreon's three-sided structure doesn't suit the often nuanced comedy of the show, and there were major problems with sight-lines. I can only assume that Stone's final act was funniest based on the uproarious laughter of those in the central seats, as an entire third - or perhaps two-thirds, assuming those opposite us had the same issue - of the audience could only see the backs of Stone and her volunteer. It's a shame, as I suspect that those with a full view experienced a very different show. Nonetheless, if quirky humour or visual puns combined with extraordinary acrobatics are your thing, you're sure to love Laser Kiwi (just get there early and snag a central seat!)