This delicious cocktail of music and dance is not to be missed! The members of ¡Macumbia! bring the irresistible rhythms of South America to the Corona at the Garden, and transform a simple space into a vibrant Latino social club. They effortlessly bring even the most reluctant and over-Fringed members of the audience to their feet and have them forget their troubles for the entire swinging hour.

¡Macumbia! offers a true cultural experience and a glimpse into a South America that is perhaps best described as a melting pot of cultures and people. The MC for the night is none other than Venezuelan comic Ivan Aristeguieta, also known as "The Maracas from Caracas", who not only engages the crowd through jokes and storytelling but also proceeds to sing and dance throughout the evening. His witty commentary about Australian culture is spot on, and he manages to endear and entertain at the same time. What most struck a chord with me was him saying that ¡Macumbia! represents a "beautiful friendship between SA and SA" – South America and South Australia, that is!

The entire show is full of heart. From the incredible dancers in vibrant costumes to the groovy musicians absolutely caught up in their rhythm. ¡Macumbia! is a must see in this Fringe season! A very playful and passionate show full of contagious energy and fantastic Latin beats.

Aristeguieta is like a hilarious tour guide on a little bus bouncing from country to country. We discover the Cumbia in Colombia, the rhythmic Samba in Brazil, the sexy Salsa originating in Cuba, and more from the Caribbean and beyond. The band is full of musical surprises, and without spoiling anything I will simply say that audiences can look forward to the Merenge Mathilda, and other 'lemon chicken' songs. Tantalised? I hope so!

¡Macumbia! is on every Friday and Saturday night until the 13th of March, and is a great way to set the mood for a brilliant night to come.