Inspired by his best man’s speech, local comedian and The Producer’s very own best man, Marcel Blanch-De Wilt, examines playground torture, nerdy friendships and absent fathers in an hour of charming comedy. While it might seem like covered ground – the awkward, bullied white dude comes good – Blanch-De Wilt’s style is endearing, and he balances the familiar with the personal in a way that avoids cliché. Using the fodder of his childhood anguish, Blanch-De Wilt reveals himself not only as a talented and engaging comedian, but also a compelling storyteller.

Anecdotes about how he came known as the guy with DSL – Dick Sucking Lips – to the commanding force of his window-smashing mother, portrait his life so that the show remains engrossing as well as funny in its own right. He’s a tall dude and yes, he does have rather mesmerising plush lips (one might call them dick-sucking, I suppose), and his comfortable body language creates a close and amiable atmosphere. The style is an important complement to his subject matter, as just as he has you rocking with laughter, he brings out just a hint of pathos. It is, after all, a story centred around growing up with an absent dad, and so while there are laughs a plenty, he can also really hit home.

Ultimately, Blanch-De Wilt’s childhood tales are not only laugh-out-loud funny, but told with great authenticity and heart. A great many thumbs up!