Taking a leaf from the one-man show of the same name, Mark Twain Tonight is a charming and whimsical observation of society and its peculiarities.

Although it only runs for little over thirty minutes, the performance is elegant in its simplicity. The room, which almost had the feel of a southern church, proved a fitting setting for the gentle sermon of Samuel Clements, who covered his beginnings, his views on life and humanity, and mused upon the upcoming state election.

For lovers of Clement's particular style of wit, this show will pull on your heart strings, leaving you feeling buoyant and satisfied. Those not aware of Twain's signature style may not get as much enjoyment from it. Some of the discussions strayed into the predictable, and the pace was slower than many may be used to from many of today's fast-talking comedians.

However, this reviewer was left thoroughly charmed by an authentic portrayal of Twain; the accent, the pattern of speech, and the recitation of a wit and wisdom as relevant today as it was when Clements himself was alive.