You know that feeling you get when you’re dancing like a maniac in the middle of a group hug with your mates, drunkenly scream-singing "Livin’ on a Prayer" with a big, fat grin plastered across your face? It used to be called ‘euphoria’, but now it’s called Massaoke.

There’s a stage, a dance floor, a band, and the lyrics to the best karaoke hits ever on a big screen, but fear not karaoke wallflowers! There’s no spotlight, so sing as off-key as you want. Join your voice with the rowdy band of partygoers that pour in the doors of the Spiegeltent, and you’ll find the fearsome vocal roar of the crowd actually sounds pretty damn good.

Whether you are whipping out that Tay-Tay dance routine you’ve been practicing in front of your bedroom mirror, pulling your best angst-face to "Mr Brightside", or mime-offering your mate two tickets to Iron Maiden (baby!), Massaoke is your chance to really enjoy music in your own dumb way but feel like hot shit doing it. It’s the same kind of feeling as singing into a hairbrush at a slumber party when you’re thirteen, but you get to do it in public and not feel even slightly ashamed.

Our be-sequined back up band, who rocked out like true stars, did an awesome job of keeping the energy levels high without upstaging a whole audience of divas. The in-venue bar was buzzing, and once we’d belted out the absolutely essential "Bohemian Rhapsody" finale there was a DJ set to keep the classics coming until we left in search of nuggets at 3am.

Adelaide, this is THE party of the Fringe season – don’t miss out. Remember Massaoke is what you make of it – get your party gang together, knock back a cheeky bevvy or two, and prepare to sing your little hearts out.