The premise is simple. A live band, lyrics on the big screen, and a room full of punters singing their hearts out. And it’s one hell of a party.

Massaoke is Fringe 2016’s Hot Dub Time Machine. From midnight every Friday and Saturday, when all the other shows are over and it’s just the drunken stragglers left in the Garden, a crowd of trouble-makers pours into the Spiegeltent and prepares to go mental.

If you’ve ever been to La Sing on a Friday or Saturday night, you get the gist. But at Massaoke, every song is your song. And you don’t have to listen to that off-key regular (whose songs seem to get up every five seconds) or the entire Hen’s Night on stage massacring Taylor Swift. You and your hundreds of new friends just drown it out. And it sounds bloody excellent.

Those who’ve sung in a choir, or just been to gig where everyone knows the words, understand the pure bliss of singing in a group. It’s practically spiritual. Add every karaoke anthem ever made and an in-venue bar, and you’ve got yourself a religious experience.

On our night of church, the live band did an excellent job of amping up the already up-for-it crowd, with some help from a few special guest Fringe artists. We were treated to a performance from Hans and the Lucky Bitches.

We belted out a bit of Farnham, some “Take on Me”, “Sex on Fire”, and of course, the greatest karaoke track of all time, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. We danced wildly, we put our hands in the air like we just didn’t care, and we had a damn good time. It was closing time before we knew it.

So if you’re looking for a guaranteed epic party this Fringe weekend, get your vocal chords ready. Just a warning, Massaoke puts you at serious risk of becoming a repeat offender.


For show times and to book tickets, see the Fringe guide.