It’s not often that you get the chance to see a robot do stand up, and to do it so successfully!

For comedy to transcend an average rating, it needs to have heart and narrative. This comedy show has both, where the audience laughs and feels sympathetic to the mental well-being of a robot. For the viewer to be able to identify with the performers in such a short space of time is a real work of art, and is part of what makes this show so unique.

The show is structured well, being insightful and informative. The humour comes naturally, and the audience feels as though they are on a journey of comedic discovery with Matt and George.

George is a robot who wants to be a comedian, and Matt leads him through how to be funny. This leads to a rollicking ride as we hear their own personal tales. The twist of the punchline to complete the night will leave you going ‘ha ha ha’ in a metallic-sounding, sarcastic laugh.

The jokes are a blend of varied styles of humour, which means this show will appeal to different sorts of individuals.

Should you like an evening to have some chuckles and some tears, with a hilarious guy and an even more hilarious robot, get to the Wine Centre to see this show!