The Establishment is a clandestine organisation which secretly runs the world. But even it can't escape the absurdities of bureaucracy! We spoke to two of its agents, Dan Lees and Neil Frost, about their upcoming show, Le Bureau de Strange.

What should people expect from Le Bureau de Strange?

The Establishment: An anarchic comedy roller coaster and a chance to purchase quality Australian wines.

When did you first meet and how long have you been performing together for?

TE: We met working at car wash and have been performing together for around four years. Two years ago we formed the theatre company Mad Etiquette and have performed all over Europe before coming to Australia.

What were some of the most important influences on your comedy?

TE: One of the main influences on my comedy was Paul Cribbins, my best friend at school: he was hilarious. He used to tell a joke about three nuns and a bar of soap, it was brilliant. The annoying thing is I can’t remember the punch line and he’s not on Facebook, so if he happens to be reading this then please get in touch!

What does clowning mean to you? Why is it important?

TE: Clowning is about allowing the audience to laugh not just with you but more importantly, at you. Paul Cribbins knew this instinctively, what a guy!

A festival is a marathon rather than a sprint. What tips do you have for pacing yourself?

TE: Don’t drink too much, try to start on the shots early so you can get a decent nights sleep.

You’re performing a children’s show called Captain Cauliflower and Marvin the Mischevious Moose. How do you make childrens shows fun for the parents?

TE: We just make a shows that we think are funny and at the end of the day adults are just children with mortgages.

Le Bureau de Strange opens at the National Wine Centre this 2nd March and plays until the close of Fringe. Tickets can be purchased here.