Even though local comedian Michael Bowley plots to reign supreme in the world following an impending apocalypse, his one hour stand up show is surprisingly full of genuine storytelling, and not so surprisingly full of laughs.

This show is ripe with Aussie flavour and heart. It touches on the social, the political, and even the mundane, but in a way that catches you off guard, and makes you do your ugly laugh in public. (Damn you, Bowley.)

And while he declares that there is no real theme to his show, there is an overarching theme of interpersonal storytelling which leaves you with a pretty solid understanding of who this guy truly is. And I reckon he is a bit of alright!

Now, the title INCOMPLET warns the audience not to expect an overly polished show, which plays right into Bowley's hand as it's in his approachable energy where his true power lies. While he jumps from topic to topic, a genuine love for comedy and storytelling creates a comfortable (and dare I say infectious) atmosphere, where the viewer feels as though they are in the company of a wordy friend rather than seeing a performer on stage. This sense is amplified through the ambient lights and comfy chairs, nestled in the Producer's Hotel beer garden, complete with the largest ficus I have ever seen.

If you are tossing up about whether or not to see this show, I highly suggest that you do. For my part, I found in Michael a little bit of Carl Barron and a hint of The Castle but, best of all, an original flavour that is so Adelaide.

Even though he compared genocide with getting stuck at the lights, and lost us somewhat at the end through some audience participation, I think this show is definitely worth seeing and supporting. Plus, if you go, you'll learn what the "three reasons for the horn" are, which are actually so hilarious that guy behind us spat out his wedges. True story.


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