Möglich is one-man sketch comedy performed by Douglas Walker, who starts the show with his head in a bucket of water to prove to the audience that he, like us, is but a mere mortal. It's a great start to the proceedings, and it's also a promise: that we are in for an hour of comedy so unfathomably great that it will feel like something miraculous has occurred.

And, in fairness, it does get its water-to-wine moment in the final skit: a well-earned gag that works mostly because Walker nails the execution. And there are plenty of other highlights, including the jaded 'pop man' (crossing guard) sketch, the carefully explained Pepys pun, a glorious bit on a psych-step psychotherapist, and a beautiful story about a tongue-twister faux pas (where the line "I don't need to tell you they laughed" had me in tears). The rest of the show, though, is a bit so so.

Möglich is clever, but clever and fifty cents will buy you a Freddo Frog, and on the night I witnessed this show it got more polite titters than hearty laughs. And so although the show is thick with meta-contextual gags, and multi-textual references, it's all thrown into sketches which are only moderately funny when taken whole.

Having said that, this is still the smartest humour you will encounter at the Fringe, or at least the most intellectual humour, and the aforementioned highlights are good enough that I'm happy to recommend this show to anyone.