Young London lad Andrew Silverwood is growing up, and he's got the belt notches to prove it.

After getting unceremoniously dumped by his first girlfriend, he seeks help from an e-book on how to transform himself from a beta to an alpha male and win her back. Or, you know, just date other women.

In this semi-autobiographical tale, Silverwood shares how that transformation has worked its magic (or not) on ladies around the world. From the Portugese girl for whom he learnt the ukulele, to the coffee date girl and the gorgeous Russian blonde, to all the Australian girls with their sexy accents (damn skippy).

In Ten Sexual Failures, there's plenty to relate to. Particularly if you've been through the pitfalls of modern hook ups and dating – like getting dumped by Facebook relationship status, or getting cock-blocked right at that pivotal moment.

Usually you'd expect a show like this to build up to a dramatic or hilarious climax. But here, you get the opposite. The show starts off with a lot of promise, and you really connect with this lanky lad who's getting less action than the pigeons on "Platform Four". But by the final bit, an excruciating blow-by-blow account of an extended text conversation, you start thinking he's just another self-absorbed twat.

Still, Silverwood is very charming. He clambers over chairs and gets all groin-in-face to really smash that performer/audience barrier. And he is gifted at reading and responding to the crowd.

The premise is set up well, and props are used to excellent effect, helping us to track which 'failure' story is which. And, mostly, it is pretty funny. I particularly enjoyed the hugging cups and the drama-school trick of, "Five moves to explain how I feel".

Ten Sexual Failures will appeal to blokes who love a larrikin and don't ever want to grow up.


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