“A show about a grandma that just won't die.”

Canadian comic Dion Arnold presents a unique and heartfelt comedy experience about his grandmother's passing in 2017 through the recently adopted medically assisted euthanasia program.

Despite a nervous start, the show moves along at its own pace, cleverly utilising a slide show to facilitate better storytelling. Up flashes a picture of grandma with the rapper Tupac. Arnold's imaged scenario of his nanna chilling in Heaven.

While Arnold has a tendency to rattle on at rabbit speed, his method of presentation opens up to an interesting and very personal style of storytelling. More narration than comedy, he takes us on an intimate journey of his grandmother's life and legacy.

Though at times the puns were very basic, his affectionate impersonation of his frustrated grandmother remained consistently funny and engaging. Imagine poor virile grandma, as she continues to contemplate why, despite her best attempts, she is still here. A high speed crash on a multi-lane highway that she leaves unscathed. Check. A dangerous long term brain-bleed finally diagnosed at 95, but not terminal. Check.

While I found myself having the occasional chuckle, I was nowhere near the majority of the audience who seemed to find each pun hilarious. For me, there were a few nuggets of gold. Like Arnold's warning to the audience to check their language, because "in Canada, if you order a M.A.I.D., they might clean up your WHOLE life.”

In essence, the show possesses a unique quality grounded in its heartfelt, simple storytelling that prevails through to a gripping finish. Despite me not laughing throughout the show,  I still found it extremely worthwhile to experience.

If you want rolling laughs and frivolous humour, give this one a miss. But if you're open to an educational tale of the importance of choice, and the limitless nature of love, then this one is for you.


My Grandmother's M.A.I.D. plays this Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased here.