Stand-up comedy should be people pointing out social observations we haven’t quite yet observed, or being brave enough to say the things we're all thinking but aren’t saying. However, the first half of Nath Valvo's show seemed to be just a lot of comments and observations that we all already make among friends, and I get the feeling that maybe this is a show that would have gone over better with a later time slot when people are a bit tipsy. A few jokes didn’t quite seem to land the way he wanted, and one was left questioning how many of the awkward pauses were deliberate.

There was a lot of talk about family dynamics, including his siblings and whether or not he wants to have kids, but spent way too much time going on about his mum, and all of her mannerisms, and the way his relationship with her has changed over the years.

To his credit, Valvo manages to bring the audience in a bit more than the average stand up usually does, and went beyond just asking the names of a couple of those in the front row. He has a knack for remembering little tidbits of information and using them to bring people back in to the show as it goes on.

One of the highlights of the night was bringing a couple up on stage to play “Whose Genes End Now?” to demonstrate one of the plights of same sex couples wanting to have a baby, and what they might have to go through to decide which one contributes biologically to the child. Many important factors were used to decide such a decision, including determining who is smarter, who has the more annoying family, and who is better in bed.

A lot of the humour was in the differences between him and his partner (“in every couple, there is always one of you that can do better”), and a lot of the embarrassing moments that have resulted from their differing interests. The jokes were accompanied by some very flamboyant gestures and mannerisms that at times distracted too much from what he was saying, and although a number of jokes go on longer than they should have, it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a Tuesday night, especially with the added bonus of some gay Neighbours fan fiction mixed in at the end.