Nested in the corner of the MYLK BAR, Matt Haubrick introduced himself to the entire seven audience members proclaiming, “This is my biggest audience yet!” Usually these situations are a bit awkward – at that size, the show just doesn’t have that critical mass to truly be enjoyable. However, we were all immediately at ease with Haubrick’s laid-back approach as he warmed us up with his animal-themed, PG-rated, Rundle Mall friendly material.

Donned in a checkered blazer, patterned shirt, Aussie flag short boardies, and matching southern cross thongs, Haubrick navigated through his material, testing our reactions to see where he should go next, all the time letting us know he had his L-plates on as a comedian. While endearing, he need not have been so apologetic. His style was casual yet entertaining; his jokes original, quirky, and genuinely funny.

But one problem he seemed to run into was needing to explain the context to some of his bits. He'd have to furnish us with quite a lot of information until we could recognise the reference well enough that he could then make the joke. The punchlines still landed, but you would need an astute audience with a strong memory of political controversies for them to work immediately. He did, however, dare to voyage into territory of current affairs by making some Turnbull jokes. And let’s face it — it is time. I know Abbott was an easy target, but where would we be as a country if comedians were not in some way undermining our PM?

Despite the memory-jog glitch, I had many real belly laughs. After all, I did hear the best ant joke in the Fringe. For a mere $10 (that he is donating to asylum seeker charities anyway) you should definitely go along and help break his seven-person record.


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