In The Magic Inside, Peter (Asher Treleaven) and Bambi (Gypsy Wood) go all out with a spectacular triple threat variety show (Dancing! Magic! More dancing!).

They had auditioned acts up and down the east coast to join them, but they figured they could just nick that IP and do it better themselves.

With a pumping soundtrack, and bling-drenched showgirl costumes, Peter and Bambi Heaven explode onto the stage to wild applause. Something's not quite right, though. The bogan accents are the first hint.

They roll out bit after bit of inane jokes, awkward dance moves, and poorly executed, cheap magic tricks. Meanwhile, Bambi can't kick habits from her glory days as a cage dancer, and keeps getting her kit off. This chintzy duo can barely keep it together.

And therein lies the joy of the show.

Peter and Bambi Heaven lovingly take the piss out of the maximum-sequins, big-hair, bright-smiles variety shows of the 80s. In doing so, they pull off the most impressive trick of all – treading the tightrope between appearing totally incompetent and actually being perfectly orchestrated. And all with pitch perfect comedic timing. The audience were in hysterics.

They kick off by sharing some of their backstage affirmations from cult-like personal development program Landmark Forum ("Today is the first day of now!"). Bambi gives us a taster of her boot-scooting, gum-swinging dance routine that's a favourite with the local footy clubs. Peter promotes the plight of plastic-choked marine life in an interpretive dance piece called "Great Barrier Grief".

Yep, these aren't just incompetent entertainers. Peter and Bambi are fully formed characters, complete with back stories, unusual relationship dynamics, hobbies and strongly held moral beliefs.

The show really picks up the pace when their most dangerous trick, "Ninja Wizards", goes awry. The whole shemozzle reaches fever pitch with a menstrual blood spurting dance routine.

We don't all have talent, but at least some of us follow our dreams. These two-bit entertainers just want to sprinkle you with gold dust. Their act isn’t polished, but it sure sparkles.