PO PO MO CO (Post Post Modern Comedy), a queer comedy troupe based out of Melbourne, present Nosfer-ARSE-tu, a re-imagination of the legendary Expressionist horror film – but with arse puppets!

A 19th Century doctor is out on a ‘frivolous homosexual adventure’ when he comes across a pair of disheveled fish mongers, who warn him of the evil lord of the local castle and his propensity for buggery. Suitably tempted, the doctor heads on up the hill. But when the doctor's wife fails to hear from him for some time, she heads on out to discover the doctor's fate.

At its core Nosfer-ARSE-tu is camp, silly farce, full of shameless puns and smut-ridden asides, which lives or dies on the back of its performances. And, oh my, are these some great performances. The entire cast shines, many of them performing multiple roles, and keep the action rollicking along from scene to scene. Comedic productions simply don't get much better than this.

Nosfer-ARSE-tu will titilate, shock, amuse and delight. The cast are on-form, the production values are excellent, the energy is kept high throughout the show, and the laughs never stop until the final applause. A third act would have been welcome for its own sake, and also to avoid the implication that the main cast deserves narrative punishment for their lack of virtue – which is also to say that this was a show that left me wanting more, and I can't wait to see what PO PO MO CO do next.