When shows are in preview they're not yet at their glorious peak, but the fine people at Producers at the Fringe invited us to their launch party where we could check out all their new shows – whether they were ready or not! These are our intial reports from the evening.

Courtney Ammenhauser: Holy Guacamole

"Courtney's stand up was like having a super funny and relatable chat with a gal pal; the kind of talk that makes you feel less neurotic about being a twenty-something. This dumb millennial would rather have more Courtney, smashed and on toast, than affordable housing." – Melina

Garry Starr Performs Everything


"A deliciously absurd whirlwind of genre. Garry Starr is hilarious, and his antics are sure to elicit belly laughs from thespians and philistines alike." – Lauren

"Starr employs his serious thespian background to deftly satirise a spectrum of theatrical genres. I was grateful for the tears of cringing laughter that obscured a clearer view of Starr's hirsute love tackle." - Matt

"It's truly a pleasure when someone who clearly has so much love and respect for theatre decide to then go and shit all over it." – Justin

Laura Desmond - socially (un)acceptable

"Drawing on raw emotion and courage, Drummond interweaves personal experience and performance to deliver a powerful message about sexual assault. She combines well-known songs to her story and the strength of her convictions amplify the importance of spreading the word on this issue." – Alyse

Suren Jayemanne – Surenity Now


"The jibes about multiculturalism and politics in Australia run quick from Suren's lips, drawing laughs but also making you stop to consider the state of the country." - Alyse

"Surein provided some solid laughs to an unfortunately small audience. Points for being a trooper and for his spectacular taste in glasses." – Matt

Fran Middleton: Franny Pack

"You won't be able to tell if you're laughing because this show is hilarious, or because you're really uncomfortable. It's probably both. Go for the physical, oddball comedy, stay for the bizarre skits set to jazz, leave quickly if you don't like saliva." – Melina

"She's a coffee-stained anarchist, an aspirational flautist, a conneisour of silliness, but most importantly she's your mum and she just wants to make sure you don't have any shmutz on your face." - Justin

Pat McCaffrie: Pat Riot


"McCaffrey persevered through fireworks to deliver an uproarious set full to the brim with ever more explosive jabs at the political establishment." – Matt

Improv Against Humanity

"For lovers of Cards Against Humanity, this is sure to be a raucous way to spend an evening with the guarantee for a brand new show each night." – Alyse

Dry Ginger Male


"Comedy dryer than a stale Arrowroot biscuit sitting on a highway in Coober Pedy on a forty degree day. Matt is even-paced, quick-witted and not scared to take on toxic masculinity, casual homophobia or blazers." – Melina

"Humbled by his gambling losses, Matt Stewart delivers his material in an easy-going, lackadasicle manner." – Justin

Luke Joseph Ryan - Reintroducing 2012 Cleo Bachelor of the Year Nominee


"Could do with a bit of spit and shine, but the goods are there! He’s best when leaning into self deprecation, and off-the-cuff audience interaction." – Lauren