Josh Glanc is performing two shows at Fringe this year. We wanted to know more about him, so we sat him down for a quick chat (in which he accidentally let slip about his secret hardcore pornography addiction). To find out more about his shows, check out the Fringe guide.

What was the most challenging aspect in putting your show together?

Props. It's one thing to write a bit about a man discovering he is pregnant, it is another thing altogether to create realistic breasts that lactate.

What’s your favourite internet indulgence?

I'm glad you didn't ask me what my most regular internet indulgence is, because the answer to that question is hardcore pornography, and I would have preferred not to have answered it. The answer to your question is buying shit on eBay.

Tell us about your alter ego.

He is an ultra-orthodox rabbi named Shloymi.

If you could choose any non-politician to be the next prime minster, who would you pick?

Donald Trump (isn't it weird that a few years ago that prospect would have seemed farcical?)

What’s your next step, after Fringe?

I will be performing my two shows, 99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain't One) and Overfloweth, which has its debut at Fringe next week, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. After that, I'm considering going back to France to study more with clown and torturer Philippe Gaulier, because he is excellent (and completely terrifying). It is a pretty exciting time in my life. I just quit being a lawyer to pursue performing more seriously so anything can happen, like lots of buying shit on eBay...