Ladies Advice for Ladies is wonderfully-conceived, four-star show with two hilariously endearing hosts: Marianne Trenka and Tessa J. Brown. With just two more nights to catch up with this show, this Thursday and Friday, I decided to have a quick chat with the pair so you can learn more about them. For info on times and tickets, check out the Fringe website.

How has your Adelaide experience been so far?

Great! We love the city, and we've been having a lot of fun. Being newcomers to the Fringe is challenging, and we had to hit the ground running, but we're learning a lot!

I’ve met you both briefly, and if I had to describe that encounter I would say it was something like meeting Edgar Oliver mixed with Little Britain. How would you describe yourselves?

Hahaha, we're not quite sure who Edgar Oliver is, but I suspect we'd be perfectly happy with both those comparisons. We did draw inspiration from Little Britain's Emily and Florence, but since then our characters have developed into their own radically different entities. We'd say they're incredibly inclusive – everybody who comes to our show is seen as a "lady", which really just means that everybody in the audience should feel very welcome. Our characters are very stupid, but they're kind, well-meaning idiots.

How would you describe your ideal breakfast?

Why, a lady only ever eats brunch! Preferably in the company of other ladies, at least four times a day. In Montreal, we produce a monthly brunch cabaret! That's why our company is called Café O'Lait. (Real talk: Marianne loves scrambled eggs, Tessa's crazy about potatoes, and we both love peanut butter.)

If you were on the Willy Wonka tour, at which point would you fail?

Marianne would flunk out at the fizzy lifting drink – so would Tessa if she made it that far, but she'd probably be stopped short by the three-course chewing gum.

What is the biggest accolade you’ve received for your work?

Marianne has received a Shining Star for hula hoops and a gold medal for her Weggsphere performance from the 'Move with the Beat' circus and dance competition. Tessa is an award winning drag artist, though she doesn't do any drag in this show. In the context of our current show, our highest accolade has been little old ladies giving us kisses on the cheek – there's no higher prize!

What’s your next step, after Fringe?

After this Fringe we're heading back to Montreal where we're going to be producing a brunch cabaret about two weeks after our return – this summer we'll be performing the show we've brought to Adelaide during the Montreal Fringe, and from there, who knows?