Ross Purdy is returning once again to Adelaide Fringe to grace us with his surreal brand of off-beat humour. We spoke to the smartly-dressed comedian about his upcoming shows, Kentucky Fried God Murder and Late Night Party Boyz - Rebel Without Applause.

The last show you brought to Fringe was Clownbaby. How was that received? What was your biggest takeaway from performing it?

Ross Purdy: I was happy with its reception. I got a walk out who told me after the show it was because it was "too smart" for him – this was a run where I brushed my teeth with pizza and snorted milk like it was cocaine. I mean there was also meta-commentary about social responsibility in entertainment, but there was also toothpaste-pizza-brushing. I still feel it's early days in my comedy career and my takeaway was that Clownbaby got me closer to realising the style I want to have and to keep getting better at. With Kentucky Fried God Murder being an extension of Clownbaby's deliberate convolution, but with more a streamline simplicity and having the audience with an adventurous comedic palette leave with a live experience like no other.

Tell us about Kentucky Fried God Murder.

RP: A surrealist shock comedy show about a boy who, after being frozen in a kiddie pool, thaws out and attempts to regain his lost sense of identity in a strange new world. Along the way he opens up a KFC for birds and gains religion, only to swear murder against God, the worst dictator of them all. For fans weirdo, outsider comedy like Tim & Eric, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Eric Andre, Darkplace etc.

I’m getting a Father Ted vibe from your promo. Do you identify with Ted, or are you more of a Dougal or a Jack?

RP: Is there an episode of Father Ted where one of them is covered in blood and wields a chainsaw? If so, I pick that one.

I notice that your namesake is a Presbyterian preacher. Have you ever had plans to compromise his SEO results?

RP: Yes, one of those plans is doing this show. The pictures of me dressed as a priest with a chainsaw were to specifically mess with his Google Image search results.

Can you tease any sketches that you’ll be debuting in Party Boyz this year?

RP: You can expect brand new characters such as Mr. Ice Cream and Man With Snakes For Arms along with great game shows like Whose Kidney Is This?

Fringe can be a bit of a marathon. What’s your best tip for making it through the festival?

RP: There's no need to stay out late every night and get drunk, no problem with the occasional quiet one and just catching some Zs. There's so much to do with seemingly too little space, just plan and spread it out.

Kentucky Fried God Murder is showing the Broadcast Bar from 8 March. Ticket can be purchased here.