Don’t worry about the karate costume and mantra of discipline, Sam Simmons is more loose than ever.

For Not A People Person the South Australian comic has dispensed with even the vague notions of plotlines that in the past tenuously held his performances together. The show is perhaps best represented by the haphazard clothesline dangling across the Corona Theatre stage, from which our squinting bald mess of a comedian would occasionally pluck something hideous to try on for size.

As ever, Simmons got as many laughs from berating us for not appreciating him as from the gags themselves, but this time for added emphasis he was able to point to the prestigious Best Comedy Show award at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe as proof that everyone ought to be in hysterics – which, for much of the night, we indeed were.

“This is it, this is as good as it gets,” he repeatedly warned, constantly cajoling us into laughing at rather than with him. It was an evening of hyperactive audio-montages, seemingly barely-formed thought bubbles, and preemptive counter-heckling.

A complete catastrophe. A roaring success.