Forget Banksy’s Dismaland – if you want to visit a morally indecent satirical theme park, Sammy J and Randy’s latest felt/flesh fandango has you covered.

In Sammy J & Randy Land, the titular man-puppet duo borrow $3M and open a theme park, and it goes about as well as you might expect. The park is rife with fraud, animal cruelty, nudity, murder, and numerous WH&S violations. And, moreover, the customer service is appalling. On the plus side, queue times are short, and the ghost train is truly haunting.

There’s a couple of references for long-term fans – if you like juice boxes and the border town of Albury-Wodonga, this is the show for you. And there's even one or two Adelaide comedy in-jokes – “Remember that time you threw up in the Rhino Tavern and Lord Egan refused to pay us?” “That was one time”. But mostly, after their three-year hiatus, it’s just a solid return from the pair. So long as the audience are equipped to handle Sammy J’s animal magnetism, there’s plenty in this show for all (mature) audiences.

On the night I went, there were a few technical glitches (props failed to work quickly, sound effects failed to play), but if anything, these moments made the show better, giving the two improvisational dab hands plenty of opportunities to break the fourth wall with sharp irreverence.

Time and time again, this odd couple prove they’re more than worth the entry fee. I don’t care what you’re doing – eating, texting, breastfeeding – drop whatever it is and go see them.