Presented by the Latebloomers, an award-winning theatre company based in Bristol, Scotland! hits Adelaide audiences like a haggis to the face. This bold and wonderfully inventive performance is vigorously delivered by Oliver Nilsson (SWE), Sam Dugmore (AU) and Jonathan Tilley (UK) through singing, body percussion, comedy, clowning, improv and some highly physical theatre.

Before you go, I should impart some authentic Scottish advice. Don't fall in the loch. Don't eat old black pudding. And don't come to this show if you're not prepared to actively participate. You might be cast in the role of wild stag, or acrobat, or English warrior, but your only limit is your imagination (and confidence to act upon it in a room full of strangers).

Whilst it is a tremendously inventive and vigorous show, I fear some of the humour was lost on me. Maybe improv and silliness is just not my thing, but I can appreciate the skill and artistry that goes into a show like this. And while some segments of the show lagged a bit for me, or were perhaps a bit too simple in humour, the actors' infectious energy spread through the audience like a rash.

This spirited show offers up a unique brand of comedy that is much more physical than what Adelaide Fringe goers are used to encountering. The stomping, dancing and jumping is accompanied by consistently hilarious facial expressions and characters born of complete comedic commitment. These guys' ability to make their audience comfortable and rope people into participation is truly unparalleled. Extra credit for the creative use of props, like using three IKEA stools as bagpipes, a table and even a row-boat.

If silly hilarity, grown men in costumes and audience participation is your cup of tea, then look no further than Scotland! You might even learn a folk song or two, or, if you're lucky, end up with a kilted Scotsman in your lap.