Comedy duo Catlovers, comprised of Alex Reynolds and Lily Starr, present Sex $ells, a stand up featuring musical numbers.

Self-deprecating humour, politics and feminism are mixed in with jokes about Reynolds’ and Starr’s home lives, relationships and work. The duo are very comfortable on stage - they enjoy themselves, and their diverse range of material leaves all audience members finding themselves laughing.

The direction of the show was choppy and a little confusing, however. Using a sort of tap out method, either Reynolds or Starr would take a seat at the back stage while the other was presenting stand up, rising to take over intermittently, it sometimes seemed, in the middle of a sentence. This felt a bit jarring, and it was unclear whether or not there was a plan for when this would happen: whether it be to keep time or spice up the show when the audience began to get distracted.

The content of the jokes could be quite disorientating at times too - at one point we went from stand up about family members, to a song about Pauline Hanson, without a fluid transition, and while the song was fantastic - sung to the tune of Jolene by Dolly Parton - we were left wondering how we got there, before we jumped right back into the previous topic.

Sex $ells is a genuinely funny show with a lot of great material, but don’t be surprised if you are left feeling confused by the difficult-to-follow transitions.