Becky Lou is an award-winning burlesque belle who has made quite a splash since debuting on Melbourne stages in 2010. As a winner of multiple burlesque and pinup awards, and having toured both Australian and American festivals, it seems only right that her first solo show, Shake, should return for a second year to the Adelaide Fringe.

Shake mingles the skill and appeal of the tease with Becky Lou’s natural comic timing and talent for physical comedy. The result is a tantalizing feast for the senses that pays homage to her skill, but also allows “a woman who has been seen and not heard” to speak up.

Burlesque is blend of comic exaggeration and potent, sexually-charged striptease. Becky Lou embodies both of these elements with her elegant and sumptuous routines, performing the easily recognised-classics and inventing a few of her own. With only a few garments, sequins, a fan and some fur, Becky Lou transforms with each new song. First she becomes a sensuous and alluring goldfish (who knew they could be so sexy?); later she puts her own personal spin of the classic ‘sex kitten’, managing to make a deceased rat hilarious and erotic.

The striptease, however, is not the only way Becky Lou chooses to bare and share herself with the audience. Becky Lou’s cheeky and sensuous routines are embedded with snippets of an autobiographical story presented as anecdotal comedy and brief dialogue. As she dresses for the next dance, Becky Lou shares her childhood obsession with music, her first gleeful experience with public nudity, and warns us of the hazards of braless fashion.

For the audience her stories and memories can feel unbelievably familiar at times, but can also be eye opening. The act of dressing, usually such an intimate act that is seldom shared (more often we see individuals undressing), creates a feeling of awareness and closeness with Becky Lou as she shares not just her voice and her body, but herself. Nonetheless, all of the memories Becky Lou cherry-picks to share with the audience are delivered with expert timing and comic flare ensuring that, no matter how unabashedly gritty it gets, you laugh till your cheeks are sore.

Shake is a show that has a bit of everything: a beautiful woman, humour, flirty sensuality, allure, slapstick and honesty. Enjoy!


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