Cath Styles is part time psychiatric nurse and part time comedian… and you thought your job was tough!

Styles takes you on her journey from nursing school to becoming a mother, before deciding psychiatric nursing was the career path for her.

Listening to Styles you can’t help but think she’s a better person than you! She works hard, raised four boys, and still has a great sense of humour about it all. She was a very awe-inspiring woman and I would be more than happy for her to be my nurse.

On the night I went to see the show, Styles had changed some of her material and was checking her notes a lot. I totally appreciate she needed to do this, but it was somewhat distracting. It was also boiling hot upstairs at The Tuxedo Cat, which meant it was difficult to concentrate. This is often the case during Fringe and not her fault but I think it took away some of the enjoyment of the show.

The show was charming but took a while to get going. I wish there had been more specific stories about some of the interesting people and situations she had faced as a psychiatric nurse. There were lots of stories about nursing in general, but I was looking forward to more psych related stories because that’s a pretty unique experience. That being said there were some nurses in the audience who absolutely loved the show and were laughing up a storm.