Quirky, charismatic and a little bit crazy, Showko will open your eyes to elements of both comedy and performance you never will have considered before.

Admittedly, the show starts off slow, with a few little awkward moments of stand up comedy. But once Showko manages to move into her specialty of ventriloquism she really shines. The audience will never expect what’s coming next.

While this performance may be more likely to titillate people who are highly appreciative of Japanese culture, there are some impressive elements for all to enjoy. After all, would you ever imagine seeing someone ‘play’ ukulele with a jar of Vegemite and a pair of chopsticks?

It is worth remembering that all of the puppets seen in the show are handmade by the artist, and she is so enthusiastic with them that the audience is intrigued to see what will eventuate. Her affinity with the puppets gives them a life of their own on stage. The hand-crafted personalities stitched onto their faces delights the crowds as Showko conjures up hilarious voices for each of them.

From singing without her lips moving an inch, to showing off her Rakugo skills (a Japanese art of comic storytelling), this is one talented woman. Never before had I seen mastery for this sort of art form, and it is beautiful to watch.

Her sense of style may be a little off-kilter, but if you want something eccentric to see at the Fringe, then this show will have you rolling around on the floor laughing like a dropped sushi.