Wondering how to impress your romantic interest with the language of love? The best way is to get down to La Buvette this Fringe to find out some frisky phrases.

On weekends the theme is based around flirting. The delightfully charismatic Arnaud leads a foray into understanding how the French flirt, tossing in some key phrases to learn along the way.

The décor is divine, and being led to an intimate side room for the show adds to the experience. To create atmosphere, each participant is given a drinks token, because learning French is much better when accompanied with French wine. Arnaud is enchanting and entertaining as he rattles off his own tales of séduction, peppering French words in amongst his dialogue. Light is shed on some cultural nuances, but perhaps more time needs to be spent learning the French language itself.

He tries to bring the romance alive, but it feels a little more like a school lesson than an enticing sensual experience. This is perhaps partly because the room is set into rows: but Arnaud interacts positively with the audience, engaging with everyone so that they can test out their skills with whomever they have come.

This show be best enjoyed if you have always had an interest in this language, but have never had a chance to try it out. For a soirée out, this is a fun, friendly way to engage with French. On Wednesdays you can also learn to swear (mind my French). Au plaisir de se revoir!


So French, So Naughty runs on Wednesdays and most Saturdays until 16th March. Tickets can be purchased here.