Fringe fan favourites Sound & Fury return with a new addition to their characteristically silly mash-ups of classic stories: Lord of the Thrones. Turning from Shakespearean tragedy in last year's popular Hamlet & Juliet, the players (Americans Richard Maritzer, Patrick Hercamp, Ryan Adam Wells and Perth boy wonder Shane Adamczak) have shifted their focus to beloved fantasy literature.

Lord of the Thrones, playing at the Tandanya Cafe, riffs on the popular perceptions of these two beloved fantasy series, even testing the waters with a quick show of books/TV/movies hands, and we nerds did not disappoint. Sound & Fury trade in excellent puns and quips: detailing them at length would spoil the punchlines, but expect fantasy race cross-breeding, meme-based Hordor, a sing-along drinking song, and a satisfying amount of Ferris Bueller references.

If you've ever seen a Sound & Fury show before, you'll know they take themselves about as seriously as they do their source material; bickering and wittily ribbing each other throughout the performance like an old variety show. Their quality of just plain not having a fourth wall was accentuated on the Lord of the Thrones opening night with an onslaught of technical difficulties and venue limitations. Happily, with the distinctive mayhem of Sound & Fury productions, they quite literally laugh (and encourage others to do the same) in the face of such obstacles, and the show's opening wrinkles invariably added to the comedy appeal – like the sound technician shouting "Blackout!" because the stage lights don't turn off.

It's easy to see why Sound & Fury are such firm crowd favourites at our Fringe festival, as they guarantee an entertaining performance even when nothing, or no one, is actually performing as it should. Once they iron out the wrinkles in the production, Lord of the Thrones shows the potential to be another popular addition to their vaudevillian repertoire.

That is, if the weather permits; the venue is hotter than the inside of Mount Doom.


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