Stamptown is hosted by Zach Zucker – still the biggest diva at the Fringe  – and Josh Glanc, who were respectively in character as washed-up 'New York' comedian Jack Tucker and ‘Spanish Fuckboy’, a – well, a Spanish fuckboy with showbizz ambitions. What followed were a whole bunch of antics involving unconventional ejaculate, shopping-trolley penetration, and weirdly aggressive hide and seek. Were those antics, perhaps, a shade immature? A teensy bit on the adult side? Somewhat in poor taste? You bet your fucking arse.

They were also screamingly funny.

There was an audience line for this show that went around one side of the venue – the regular punters – and a second line that went around the other side for the pass-holders: artists, producers, event managers and other industry types. That should give you a clue about what kind of variety show this is: one with a reputation amongst the people in the know (and the perfect place to glimpse a comedy celebrity – I spied Aunty Donna's Zachary Ruane!).

On the night in question, guests included Double Denim, Ange Lavoipierre, Garry Starr, Basketball Man, Cal Harris, Belinda Anderson-Hunt, and Barbu. Highlights for me were Lavoipierre, with her dark sense of humour and masterful delivery, Basketball Man, who juggled two basketballs with one hand and dribbled five at a time, and Double Denim, because sometimes you just need a good old sexy, silly pop song. Special mention goes to Anderson-Hunt for her screaming "Gaston" puppetry recital, and dishonourable mention to Harris (of Elixir) for his sinus balloon animals.

All in, Stamptown is outrageous silly fun with an energized crowd showcasing some of the finest comedic talents at the Fringe. So be sure to catch it 11pm, each Thursday night at the Garden: tickets can be purchased here.