With the recent death of David Bowie freshly carved into my soul, Kenneth Fall’s one-man circus comedy, Starman, was a potential balm for my residual sadface. The promo photo seemed to promise lights and mystery, as well as insights into our place within the universe. Unfortunately, for me, the show itself didn’t quite live up to all that.

I found much of the comedy to be too slapstick for my taste, however many of the other members of the audience enjoyed his mad antics. His use of minimal props was impressive: I must say, I’ve never seen a man with a handlebar moustache dressed as a cardboard star look quite so radiant! This costume was only outshone (literally and figuratively) by sequinned hot-pants that you’ll just have to go to the show to see.

(P.S. – nice butt, Ken.)

Don’t get me wrong, it definitely had its moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the final third of the show more than the first two thirds, but mostly this was because his particular variety of comedy isn’t quite my thing and the majority of the show was comedy-based. His acrobatic rope routines were very impressive, and he plays the fool well, while gracefully ascending a rope to the ceiling, and with the ease of someone raising a pint to his lips — proof of his strength and talent.

If you’re into slapstick, sequinned hot-pants and handlebar moustaches, you’re bound to enjoy this show.


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